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Celebrating Black Entrepreneurs Day by Setting Your Business Up For Success

November brings with it a day of significance for the business community: Black Entrepreneurs Day. As we approach its 4th year, it's essential to understand its impact and the powerful message it sends to the world.

Back in 2020, a year filled with challenges and calls for change, Daymond Johns of the show Shark Tank presented Black Entrepreneurs Day. This wasn’t a random addition to the annual events calendar, but more of a statement of strength, creativity, and a call to celebrate black-owned businesses. Prompted by the international outcry after George Floyd's tragic murder, this day was envisioned to spotlight racial injustices while uplifting the accomplishments of black entrepreneurs.

This year's event is all set to raise the bar, with celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg, Shaquille O’Neal, Cedric the Entertainer, Anthony Anderson, and Rick Ross joining in. But it's not just about the stars. In partnership with the NAACP Powershift Entrepreneurship Group, the event will offer eight promising entrepreneurs a grant of $25,000 each. This gesture goes beyond financial aid; it's about nurturing dreams, offering guidance, and inspiring budding entrepreneurs.

Celebrate Black Businesses

One of the most impactful ways we can honor this day is by actively supporting and promoting black-owned businesses. Share those Facebook posts, purchase when you can, and uplift and encourage other black business owners while they are on their business owner journey.

But how can you, as an entrepreneur involve your business in this movement? By amplifying your own business and positioning yourself for success!

Four Pillars to Elevate Your Business:

Get Leads: Your business's growth starts with attracting the right crowd. Consider: Do you have a lead magnet

in place? This should not only draw in your ideal clientele but also position you as a thought leader in your domain. Celebrating black businesses means showcasing their authority and expertise. A compelling lead magnet can be the first step in achieving that.

Get Clients: The journey from attracting a potential lead to converting them into a loyal client should be efficient and hassle-free. Reflect on your existing system. Is it adept at moving leads smoothly from cold prospects to committed clients? In celebrating Black Entrepreneurship, having a system that minimizes friction is pivotal.

Get Paid: The relationship with a client doesn’t end once they’re onboarded. Are you ensuring that their journey with you is valuable and result-driven? Furthermore, have you simplified the payment process? A streamlined payment system not only makes life easier for you but also for your clients, reinforcing trust and professionalism.

Get Receipts: In the age of information, testimonials, case studies, and reviews are gold. Have you accumulated enough evidence that showcases your business's efficacy? It's not just about boasting about your success; it's about instilling confidence in prospective clients that you can deliver on your promises.

Scaling to New Heights

The true essence of Black Entrepreneurs Day lies in encouraging growth, both personal and professional. As we use this day to reflect and honor black-owned businesses, let it also be a reminder for entrepreneurs to scale their operations, optimize their processes, and aim for the highest level of success. The foundation of any successful business lies in its systems.

Having these 4 pillars in place can set your business up for record-breaking months for your business!

In Conclusion

Black Entrepreneurs Day is not just an event; it’s a call to action. A call to recognize, uplift, and propel black businesses forward. By refining our business practices and putting the right systems in place, we’re not just celebrating a day; we’re honoring an entire legacy and paving the way for a promising future.

If 2023 has been about laying the groundwork, let 2024 be the year you soar. Are you ready to set the stage to make more money in the New Year? Secure your strategy session to learn how The BAG can help you determine your next best moves and secure your bag.

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