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6 Mistakes to Avoid with Your Automated Email Sequences

Ready to transform your relationship with your customers? Email marketing is not just a communication channel, but a personal bridge to your audience. Through content relevant to your audience and high-value offers, you can build a loyal community and enhance your brand.

The whole process is automated, saving you time and resources. But watch out for these 6 common mistakes that can totally undermine your email marketing efforts.

Forgetting to Test Your Emails

You should always test your emails before sending them. There might be typos, other errors, or formatting issues that make your messages look strange. Your email marketing program should allow you to test messages before sending them. For example, Aweber has a “Preview & Test” button that sends it to your inbox for you to check.

Sending Too Many Messages

Sending more messages does not equal more engagement. Sending too many can cause your subscribers to tune out.

How many messages should you send? The only way to know for sure is to get feedback from your audience. One idea is to start slowly, sending one message per week and gradually increasing the frequency. Watch your metrics – they’ll tell you when you’ve hit the optimal amount.

You can also ask your audience how frequently they’d like emails from you.

Sounding Spammy

Even though your emails are designed to offer top value to your subscribers, you may be sounding spammy without realizing it. Here are some guidelines to help you avoid sounding like a spammer:

  • Don’t use all caps

  • Use exclamation points sparingly

  • Avoid spam trigger words like “free,” “guarantee,” or “no obligation”

  • Check your spelling

  • Don’t stuff or use keywords unnaturally.

Sending Emails Inconsistently

Your subscribers will expect your emails on a regular schedule. If you start sending on Tuesday and Friday afternoons, your audience will expect them then. Sending irregularly will hurt your engagement. At worst, your subscribers may forget about you.

Failing to Track Performance

Email marketing is scientific. You’ll perfect your strategy by discovering what works best with your list. The way you do this is through performance metrics. Metrics include things like open rate, clickthrough rate, and conversion rate. These tell you how engaged your recipients are.

Your autoresponder program will offer various metrics to track. Choose a few that are related to the goals of your email marketing campaign and check them regularly.

Buying Email Lists

Hopefully, you’re not even thinking about buying a list! If you acquire email addresses by any means other than opt-in, you’ll have a list of people who don’t know who you are and don’t care. Your messages will be like a random telemarketing call, and they won’t pick up the phone. Make sure your subscribers are required to opt in, fully understanding what your list offers.

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