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Belief, Action, and Automation: Keys to Business Success in 2024

The Power of Belief and Action

“There is a difference between believing and thinking. You can think you’re gonna win all day long but when you believe it that is to be partnered with an action. BELIEF COMES WITH ACTION. Faith without works is dead. So it’s okay to have the faith that you believe but (you need to) see the action behind it. And that’s the challenge…” - Coach Deion Sanders

Now Coach Prime was talking about his football team, but I see the similarities for us as business owners. He went on to state that the game is just one part of all that they do, the part that everyone sees. This is the same for solopreneurs and small business CEOs. The challenge for entrepreneurs doesn’t start with what people see, it’s the behind-the-scenes support and preparation for the client-facing programs.

Building a Successful Coaching or Membership Program

Whether you desire to create a coaching program, just created your first coaching program or are working on your twenty-first coaching program, you have figured out what your clients need and how to deliver it to them. Let me share a secret with you, just in case you don’t already know, a successful one-to-many coaching or membership program needs a backend that enhances your client journey and allows you to make more while doing less.

PRESS and PUSH: The Dual Strategy for Success

While Coach Deion referred to belief being action, I often say to my clients that you have to PRESS while you PUSH. Everyone knows PUSH - pray until something happens. And many of you have said, “I’m waiting on Jesus”. Well, guess what, He’s waiting you you. You have to PRESS - work what you know while you PUSH and wait because faith without works is dead.

The Success Formula: Strategy, SOPs, and Systems

No doubt that God can turn nothing into something, but whether you are adding or multiplying, zero doesn’t change anything. The SUCCESS FORMULA is


The formula is simple and it only takes a few building blocks to add up to success. But when you believe, you know that God is the God of multiplication. And just like He took those 2 fish and 5 loaves and fed 5000, He can take your 1 plus 1 plus 1 and multiply it so you make more and have more free time when you act on what you know. When you put in the work on the front end and the back end, your results are maximized and you will go from Chief EVERYTHING Officer to Visionary Chief Executive Officer.

Top 5 Benefits of Automating Your Backend

The benefits of automating your backend after you have created your new program to help more clients at a time are priceless. I want to share the top 5 with you today:

Enhanced Client Experience.

Automated processes decrease the probability of miscommunication, confusion, and inconsistent quality of service to your clients. When you have clearly defined your client journey, you can communicate it with your client, create a roadmap for delivering results, and give each client the same level of service.

Unlimited Growth.

Growing and scaling are easier as your client roster gets larger and your workload increases. Processes and systems allow you to do more with less while gaining greater results.

More Free Time.

Automation allows CEOs more freedom. Your business does not rely on your presence and is not limited by your personal abilities. You are free to do the things that you’ve always desired.

Rivers of Opportunity and Streams of Income.

As a visionary CEO, you are not busy being busy. You are free to operate at your highest zone of genius. When new opportunities arise, you have the time and wherewithal to engage in new ventures and generate new income streams.

Healthier CEOs.

Automation and systemization decrease the risks that lead to burnout and overwhelm. Your business will never grow bigger than YOU. The better you are, the better your business will be.

Action: The Key to Balancing Your Success Formula

Action is not one-sided in a business. If you don’t put the same time and energy into creating a backend that supports your client-facing programs, your success formula will be out of balance. Long-term success is rooted in a firm foundation behind the scenes. Doing all these things while working to help more people only leads to short-lived success.

Are you ready to take ACTION to add to your SUCCESS FORMULA to multiply your results?

Join me for a special live virtual event designed to share with you how to create action plans and SOPs that enhance your client’s experience and allow you to reach your goals easier. Make reclaiming your time a reality.

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