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Customer Retention: Make a Great First Impression in Your Onboarding Email Sequence

The moment a new subscriber joins your list, you have a golden opportunity. This is the first point of contact you have with each potential buyer. It shapes how the subscriber sees you and sets the tone for the relationship you’ll build with them. It all starts with an onboarding email sequence.

An onboarding email sequence is a series of emails that assists and engages new subscribers. The sequence offers more value and engagement than a single email. The series typically includes four to six emails.

At this point in the customer journey, the subscriber is not yet interacting with your business or using your products. The idea is to build trust and familiarity with your brand at this critical stage.

Here’s how you make a great first impression that will make the most of this valuable opportunity and retain customers long-term.

Craft a Great Subject Line

The subject line is crucial because it determines whether the subscriber opens the email. It must be catchy and actionable to get the new subscriber’s attention. It should be personal, addressing the user by name. Some other elements that help to get emails opened include:

  • Addressing a customer’s pain point

  • Emphasizing the benefits of your list FOMO, or the fear of missing out (tell them what they’re missing by NOT reading.)

  • A sense of mystery to pique curiosity.

Pro tip: Keep your subject lines to 50 characters or less. 

Demonstrate Your Value

Your onboarding sequence should highlight your unique value proposition. Use this opportunity to explain how you make your subscribers’ lives better. Show them what sets you apart from your competitors.

One way to do this is to teach something helpful they can use now. If they can get results from you with this initial email sequence, they’ll stay tuned to your future messages.

Call the Subscriber to Action

Each email in your onboarding sequence should have a single, clearly defined purpose. For example, ask them to complete their profile, log in to your software program, join you on social media, or check out your blog. This is your ‘Call to Action’ or ‘CTA’.

Asking subscribers to do something in each email encourages them to interact with you. It also helps them get started with your service or benefit from other content you offer. One more advantage is that it gives you analytics on the onboarding sequence. If one message doesn’t convert, you can analyze and improve.

Exceed Expectations

You’ll make the right impression by delivering on your marketing message’s promises. Your first emails should meet the subscriber’s expectations. However, you can make a great impression by exceeding their expectations and creating a “wow” moment.

Offer a surprise gift or sample with no strings attached. Include a welcome video rather than text. Give them exclusive content, including access to a paid or members-only site.

What First Impression Do You Want to Make?

Imagine you walk into a store. The salesperson greets you. What do they say or do next? Put yourself in a new customer’s shoes and decide how you want them to see you. Create an email onboarding sequence that makes this impression.

First impressions are everything! Your onboarding sequence is a GREAT way to establish a connection in an authentic way. Remember: Connections lead to conversions, especially in email marketing! 

Want to learn more about how you can start your relationship the right way with your onboarding sequence?


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