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Gotta Be Like Bezos: The Amazon Phenomenon

Where is your purpose- your retirement plan in motion – your ticket to really live the life you love most?

Yesterday, Jeff Bezos announced he would be stepping down from running the day-to-day operations of Amazon. He will still be involved in the company, but in a lesser capacity. He is planning to fill his time with other endeavors and personal past times.

After reading a couple news stories on his announcement, I had to ask myself – how is my plan going? Is my business on projection for me to feel like I have grown it to a level of success that I can one day hand over the reins? Will I reach a point where I accomplish my goal to help others build their businesses, make more money and have more free time to do the things they love?

Amazon started in Amazon in 1994 as an online bookseller. He actually thought it was more likely the business would fail. Mr. Bezos started an internet business when it wasn’t an everyday tool. Amazon was not an overnight success. He started with a strategic plan coupled with consistent action to become the xxx that it is today. In its early days, Jeff Bezos had no idea a worldwide pandemic would occur in 2020 that would make Amazon a staple in the lives of billions. During a time when many businesses were trying to stay afloat or actually drowning, Amazon had sales of more then $350 billion in 2020 – setting records and reaching unprecedented levels of growth and profitability.

Think about it, even if you are not one of us who welcomed regular package deliveries during the quarantine and lockdowns, you know someone who has. In fact, even if you never personally ordered something form Amazon, you have more than likely received something or benefitted from an order someone placed.

Amazon like other businesses that prospered in spite of COVID-19 and all of its side effects did so because they had a product/service people needed and wanted, a survival plan in place or easily implementable, and were built on a solid business foundation that could support change and growth. Delivery times may have been a bit longer at here or there, but overall Amazon did not have any crippling issues or problems when the numbers of orders grew exponentially overnight. The company had SOPs and systems in place that supported and exceeded its needs to meet customer demands.

If some event or catalyst occurred next week that thrust your product or service into high demand, would your business rise to the occasion like Amazon or would it be overwhelmed and fall apart? One of the greatest tragedies is going out of business because your company was not prepared for success! Do you have procedures and processes in place that you can repeat and replicate so all of your customers and clients receive the same quality service? Are those procedures and policies recorded in a manner that you can easily teach to new employees? Do you have systems in place that create seamless sets of tasks for hiring, training, and payroll? Do you have strong point of sales systems that is fully integrated with your vendor and customer relationship needs? Is your business organized and are your operations streamlined for maximum profitability?

Bottom line – are you ready for your business to succeed?????

As old folks say, if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.

Jeff Bezos had a plan for Amazon, and he put that plan in motion 26 years ago. Not only did he have products and services people desired, he also created a business structure rooted in organization and build on systems that have made the company the $1.7 trillion dollar giant it is today. This morning Mr. Bezos started making plans to take a vacation, put time into his nonprofit organizations, or replicate the plan and systems of Amazon to create another successful conglomerate. Wouldn’t you like to know that one day your can do the same?

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