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Making a First Impression That Attracts Clients!


How do you make sure prospective clients have a good idea of all you can do for them?


You build your marketing strategy on a powerful toolset that guarantees you make a great first impression, elicits interest and intrigue, and attracts clients.


1. Build a Portfolio

  • A portfolio is one of the BEST tools to provide proof of all that you have done and opens the door for a conversation about what you can do for a client. It is a VISUAL tool that is appealing and triggers the imagination.

2. Create an Elevator Pitch

  • An elevator pitch is a 30 – 60 second commercial that introduces who you are and what you do that you can share just about anywhere. When delivered correctly, you will SPEAK directly to something prospective clients are facing and they will seek you out to talk about the two of you can work together.

3. Build a Capabilities Deck

  • A capabilities deck is a resume on steroids that tells a story about the superhero you are and the passion that fuels you. It is a WRITTEN tool that shares why you do what you do, how it helps clients and provides a detailed synopsis of the tasks you can complete and the tools you use to do so.

What do these 3 tools have in common?

Whether used individually or in any combination, these tools will set you and your company apart in a sea of competition while keeping your potential clients’ needs front and center. Clients need to know how you can solve their specific problems. These tools demonstrate your ability to meet customers’ needs and support them in solving business related problems. Portfolios, elevator pitches, and capability decks create a winning blend that is built on quality visuals and powerful statements.

How can you learn more about how to achieve this goal?

Click to Register Today for the FREE Making First Impressions that Attract Clients workshop on Tuesday, December 15, 2020 at 7:00 pm.

In this workshop, you will learn how to transform your current portfolio from face-2-face to virtual, create an elevator pitch, and design a capabilities deck that will be unforgettable and make a standout first impression.

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