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Unlocking Business Growth: The Power of High-Revenue Tasks and Strong Backend Systems

If there’s one thing I’ve consistently noticed in my work with coaches and consultants, it’s a common misunderstanding about the crucial role of backend systems in achieving front-end success. Equally misunderstood is where your true focus should be to not only sustain but scale your business. As the System Solutionist, I specialize in navigating these very waters, helping CEOs who have already tasted success but are now wrestling with the complexities of business management.

My main advice is simple but important: focus on the tasks that make you money. This concept, while simple in theory, is often overshadowed by the day-to-day operations that can consume your attention and energy. Realizing that effective backend support is non-negotiable is your first step toward meaningful business growth! Let’s talk about it…

Simplifying Your Focus: High-Revenue Tasks

The business world is ALWAYS busy and chaotic and it's common to find ourselves overwhelmed with various tasks, confusing busyness for true productivity. However, the key to effectively growing your business lies in concentrating on the activities that directly contribute to your revenue. It’s so important to identify your strengths and the unique value you offer that generates income. This means recognizing that not every task holds the same value and prioritizing your time on those that generate the most revenue is what your focus needs to be on. 

Finding Your Highest Revenue-Generating Tasks

Finding the tasks that really bring in money means taking a close look at how you use your time every day. Think about what unique things you do that directly help you stack up your revenue. You might realize you're doing more work than you thought, and not all of it is making you money. That's when it's important to think about outsourcing and focusing on what's really important. This focus is what really helps your business scale from where you currently are, to where you want to be. 

Case Study in Time Management

Let me share a story about my client, Aisha AKA ‘Little Fires Everywhere.’ Aisha was known for her full planner and calendar, just as much as she was for showing up late. She thought being busy all the time showed she was dedicated and working hard for her business. But when we looked closely, we saw she was mostly doing tasks that needed immediate attention—like answering emails, taking calls, and solving urgent problems. This didn't leave her much time for planning or working on getting and keeping clients, which are crucial for growing a business. Together, we shifted her focus to tasks that really mattered and had a big impact on her business, greatly boosting its profitability.

The Importance of Backend Support

This story shows how important backend support is for growing a business. Many people don't realize just how crucial good backend systems are. They do more than just handle everyday tasks; they lay the groundwork for the visible parts of your business to succeed. Good backend support covers a lot, like managing money, keeping track of client relationships, automating routine tasks, and making sure the right tasks are assigned to the right team members.

When these systems work well, they save you time, which is your most valuable resource. This lets you concentrate on the work that brings in the revenue, and scale your business from six to seven figures and beyond!

In Conclusion

In summary, growing your business isn't about being busy all the time or juggling too many tasks. It's really about keeping things simple and focusing on the work that brings in the most money while making sure your backend systems are strong enough to back up this focus. As you deal with the challenges of running your own business, it's important to remember that real success comes from doing the right things, not just doing more things. By making sure everything you do is aimed at your main goals and by using the right support systems, you're setting yourself up for a future of growth, profit, and satisfaction.

Understanding that every task should help you grow and succeed is key to smart business. When you concentrate on the most profitable tasks and fine-tune your backend processes, you're not just working hard—you're working smart. This approach moves you closer to your business goals with each step. Keep in mind that simplicity and a clear focus are your best tools in business. Use them well, and you'll see your business move from just being successful to truly flourishing.

Are you ready to nail down what YOUR focus as a CEO should be so you can maximize on that task and outsource what you hate, while also scaling from having your backend systems in the right place? Let’s chat! Click HERE to book a call!

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