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What We Can Learn From P&G's Acquisition of Mielle Organics

CONGRATULATIONS to Mielle Organics CEO Monique Rodriguez!!!!!

While news cycles report P&G's recent acquisition of Mielle Organics developed by Monique Rodriguez, a black female phenom powerhouse, let's be clear glass is raining down as ceilings are being shattered like fireworks shot up in the sky! Monique Rodriguez will continue to lead Mielle as an independent subsidiary of PNG beauty. This move opens doors for Mielle to expand access to its products and services to customers worldwide. Add that P&G is no stranger to economically empowering black and women-owned businesses, and the outlook for Rodriguez and Mielle Organics are limitless.

Do you know how Monique was able to position Mielle for such an awesome opportunity?

You already know if I'm talking about the acquisition, then Rodriguez took the steps necessary to take the hassle out of her hustle so Mielle Organics was strategically positioned to gain P & G’s interest.

Acquisitions are made possible when your company is ATTRACTIVE with a capital A to potential investors. A business’ attractiveness is amplified by a CEO's ability to streamline day-to-day operations and maximize profitability. In short, SYSTEMIZATION is the SOLUTION. As you have heard me say before there are three steps to Secure Your Systemization.

1 Focus on Your Best Boss Moves

2 Do Everything Else Easier & Better

3 Operate Like a Fortune 100 CEO

When CEOs take these three steps, their businesses can go from growing to SCALING.

Growing is increasing your revenues while increasing your efforts; whereas scaling is increasing your revenues while minimizing your efforts to generate those revenues. SCALING is simply put, doing more with less.

So, the lesson we learn from P & G’s acquisition of Mielle Organics is that SYSTEMIZATION is the CEO’s SOLUTION to SCALING!

As a result of this acquisition, Rodriguez’s SUCCESS is not limited to just SCALING Mielle Organics. With the acquisition, P & G and Rodriguez have committed (to the tune of $10M each) to the creation and investment of a new nonprofit, Mielle Cares, to help other black-owned businesses grow and scale for excellence.

With EVERY lesson learned, there is just 1 question…



If you are ready to start shattering your own glass ceilings and position your business for EXPONENTIAL GROWTH, visit TODAY to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY Strategy Session with The BAG.


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