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Take The Hassle Out of Your Hustle

~ "Even after a long economic expansion, America is still the land of the side hustle." ~

This is the opening sentence in a NY Times article, Earning Income on the Side Is a Large and Growing Slice of American Life, on December 18, 2019 written by Johnathan Rothwell.

The article goes on to discuss a fact I know to be true because it is my truth. I have a side hustle, a self-employed business that I own and operate, not just for financial reasons. The Business Assistance Group LLC exists because I love what I do and I like to be productive even in my free time. Sure the additional income is nice, but I will be the first to tell you, don't chase money. Money is a quantitative value, a number, it is never ending, so you will never stop chasing. Instead make your goal, in all that you do, be something other than a dollar $$$. I love helping people by providing small business startup support, working with them to create standard operating procedures, and recommending and setting up systems to support their businesses because it brings me joy and I love helping people. Naturally, I am an encourager of people.

What do you do naturally? What brings you joy? It could be a natural talent or a learned skill. Whatever it is, you will find yourself smiling just thinking about it. Today is the day to consider turning your ideas and dreams into a viable business – a side hustle if you will – that gives you something you cannot get from your 9 to 5.

Visit today to schedule a FREE consultation to discuss how The Business Assistance Group, The BAG, can help you secure your bag. Let The BAG take the hassle out your hustle and as you start your journey to make your dreams a reality!

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